Hello, my name is Karlie Hale; welcome to “BRIDGES OF BOLDNESS.” It is my desire, joy and honor as a TV Talk Show Host, Communicator, Promoter and Mentor to connect with and encourage our next generation of leaders. My message for these young men and women is to “be bold,” and embrace the attitude that “you do not have permission to quit.”

Many of our young people can relate to times in life when they have felt stuck. Too many of these youth lack a clear sense of direction or mentors to whom they can turn. “Bridges of Boldness” seeks to direct these young men and women toward their dreams while helping along the way. Unless the current generation of adults takes the responsibility to provide proper coaching and guidance, the prospect for bright, prosperous and secure futures for these young people is seriously jeopardized.

Our young people generally know what they want for - and out of - life. They have the desire, drive, intelligence and potential. All that is missing is our assistance to help overcome the obstacles, roadblocks and distractions standing between them and their dreams.

I say... “Build a Bridge;” a “Bridge of Boldness.” On my talk show, my guests and I encourage the leaders of tomorrow to take those bold steps across their “Bridges of Boldness” in order to achieve their goals, touch their destiny, and dance with their dreams!

I believe Boldness is essential for each of us in order to establish an attitude where we can - and must - succeed no matter what. Doing so will allow each of us to answer the call and accomplish what we want in life.

I am convinced that nobody should ever have to do life alone. Let’s team up so that we can help the leaders of tomorrow and beyond. Be bold, and step across the “Bridge of Boldness” where dreams, desires and destiny await each of us.